Visible MVNO to sell the 5G iPhone 13 line and the Apple Watch Series 7

Visible, Verizon’s own MVNO, charges $25 for the first month and $40 for each month afterward for unlimited data (including 5G), messages, and minutes using Verizon’s network. The plan includes unlimited hotspot use. When a friend joins, you and your friend get a month of unlimited service for $5. If you have a cellular Apple Watch, wireless service for the wearable is just $5 per month. And since Verizon’s network covers 99% of the U.S., there aren’t many places where Visible is invisible.
And guess what! On September 24th the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be available for purchase from Visible. Purchase one of the new iPhone 13 Series handsets from Visible, port over your phone number from an eligible carrier, and you’ll get a free white HomePod mini with $200 to spend online. The smart speaker is yours after one payment while you will have to make three payments to get the $200 gift card.

You can subscribe to Visible online by pointing your browser to Or, you can use the Visible app (iOS, Android). While the MVNO doesn’t have any brick and mortar retail stores, you can contact a live human for help (usually a dead one is of no use). You can form a party with two members and pay $35 per month, join a party with a total of three members and pay $30 each month, and as part of a party with four or more members, you’ll be paying only $25 monthly.
And the beauty of the Party Pay plan is that you are not sharing your service with the other members of your party. Each member will have one line of service with the aforementioned unlimited data, messages, and minutes. Other parts of Visible’s monthly plan include a 5 Mbps Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi calling on compatible devices, and calling and texting to Canada and Mexico.

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