This Is What The iPhone 13’s Environmentally-Friendly Packaging Looks Like

At almost all of Apple’s media events, the company loves touting how green they are as a company. This applies to the materials they use to build their products, how their operations are powered, and last year, they famously tried to convince everyone that they were saving the environment by not including chargers with their iPhones.

That being said, for 2021’s iPhone 13, Apple revealed that they would be further trying to reduce their environmental impact by redesigning the packaging of the iPhone. This would see them eliminate the outer plastic wrap on the box, which led to many wondering how will Apple secure the phone then? Wouldn’t it just fall out?

In a photo shared on Twitter by DuanRui, we now have a better idea of how Apple will handle the iPhone 13’s packaging. Now instead of a plastic wrapping the entire box, Apple has opted to use a sticker strip that secures the box until it is ready to be opened. The problem with this design is that it could potentially damage the box as it is exposed.

Some of you might not necessarily care about the box, but there are some who do. However, if this is really for the greater good of the environment, we guess we can’t really complain, but what do you think?

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