The Unholy Society is a Raucous Point and Click Adventure, Out Now

The Unholy Society is a point-and-click adventure with a snarky sense of humor, an unconventional exorcist as its main character and a neck ache-inducing collection of nods to 80s and 90s movies. So it ticks a lot of our ‘yes please’ boxes.

The game tells the story of the fantastically named Bonaventura Horowitz, who’s given a thrilling mission by the pope. Cue loads of smoking, drinking, poor behavior and demons.

You probably want to watch a trailer right about now to get a feel for the game. Which is good, because we’ve embedded one directly below this paragraph. Neato.

The game was released early last year on PC and Switch, and received some favorable reviews. And now you can play it on your phone. It mixes together ideas from point-and-click, hidden object and other genres and wraps it all up in a pretty neat comic-inspired art style.

You can click here to download The Unholy Society from the Play Store right now. It’s free, with an IAP to unlock more of the game once you’ve completed the first chunk.

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