Taiwanese Consumer Group Wants Apple Investigated For Not Including Chargers With iPhone

Ever since the iPhone 12, Apple has decided not to include chargers with the phone. They will bundle a USB-C to Lightning cable, but there will not be a charger. Apple claimed that this was done for environmental reasons, although many simply see it as Apple being greedy and trying to increase profit margins.

Now it looks like over in Taiwan, the Consumers’ Foundation has accused Apple of “exploiting” their customers by not including chargers with their iPhones, claiming that Apple’s environmental reasonings were not valid, while also infringing upon consumer rights as they feel that chargers are an “essential” part of operating a phone.

To be fair obviously since a phone uses a battery to power it on, not having a charger means you can’t charge said battery, but at the same time, it’s not as if Apple’s chargers are proprietary and users are more than free to use any other USB charger they have lying around, but we suppose that’s not the point the group is trying to make.

This wouldn’t be the first time Apple got in trouble over this and over in Brazil, the company is now forced to include chargers with their iPhones. It remains to be seen if a similar situation will happen in Taiwan, but it’ll have to depend on whether the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission will decide if this is a matter worth investigating.

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