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Habbo developer Sulake has announced it’s launching a collection of NFTs themed around Habbo’s characteristic pixel art.

There will be 12,500 randomly-generated unique avatars NFTs in total, with 10,000 sold via auction on the OpenSea marketplace and minted on Ethereum.

The remainder NFT will be reserved for existing Habbo users and used in competitions and giveaways.

The auction process will see each NFT’s price dropping until it hits a floor price of 0.1 ETH (currently worth around $300). All NFTs will be bought unseen and revealed at a later date.

NFTs for the future

As well as integration within Habbo, Sulake also plans to support the NFTs in its Hotel Hideaway project as well as building out more functionality across its products in future.

It also hopes to encourage other NFTs communities to enter Habbo.  

“The technology behind the NFTs provides tremendous security, giving greater control and a more defined ownership over digital Habbo merchandise,” said Sulake CEO Valtteri Karu.

“Fans of Habbo can now own and collect items that embed themselves within Habbo’s history and infrastructure. This is a natural evolution of the collection of digital items that has been an integral part of Habbo since the game first arrived on the internet over 21 years ago.”

You can find out more details about the project at Habbo’s NFT page

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