‘PUBG Mobile’ Version 1.6 Update Releases Tomorrow with the Flora Menace Mode, the Return of Metro Royale, New Social Features, and More – TouchArcade

With PUBG: New State set to arrive soon, PUBG Mobile (Free) is still going strong with content updates and support. Today, PUBG Mobile 1.6 has been detailed with a new mode, returning modes, new battle pass, and more. The update download size will be 690MB on Android and it is about 1.68GB on iOS. The main content is the Flora Menace mode. This new mode has alien plants called Yarilo invading Erangel. The Cell Matrix, a giant spaceship, has gone out of control thanks to this invasion and you need to conduct investigations while engaging in battles with random drops and respawns. Metro Royale returns with improvements to various parts of it. Surviva Till Dawn, Payload 2.0, Runic Power, and more will also be returning. Check out the new developer blog video for PUBG Mobile below:

If you update between September 14th and September 19th, you will get 2,888 BP, 100 AG, and the Justice Defender Backpack 3d (x1). New social features like the Highlights option, region rankings (rolling out in some countries initially), and more will let you meet new people who play PUBG Mobile. For the new battle pass, Royale Pass Month 3: Chef’s Special will take place form September 17th until October 17th featuring new rewards. Full patch notes including all the returning modes being added in the update are here. Do you still play PUBG Mobile regularly and what do you think of the support so far in 2021 and what improvements would you like to see through this year with PUBG: New State coming soon?

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