OnePlus 2.0: Here’s how the Oppo merger will affect OxygenOS and OnePlus smartphones

Pete Lau, Co-Founder of OnePlus, has made a blog post on the company’s forum to explain how it aims to improve the brand, the quality of the products moving forward. The company – or should we say, companies – have been working hard on ensuring the integration with Oppo goes smoothly and without any issues, and the new phase is called OnePlus 2.0.

“​​With the integration, I would like to say that OnePlus has entered the OnePlus 2.0 phase. I believe we are now a more mature and reliable technology brand that continues to bring top-quality products to users around the world with the same Never Settle spirit as before.” said Lau in the blog post.

Pete Lau also mentioned the company wants to stick with the “Never Settle” approach and provide high-quality products at multiple price points with “competitive pricing.” OnePlus aims to continue offer premium and ultra-premium flagship smartphones globally, and the affordable product ranger will become more localized moving forward.

“Further Commitment on Camera”

OnePlus Focus on Camera Improvements

OnePlus said that it wants to focus more on camera technology and invest in improving the quality of the images its devices can produce. The company is “doubling down on our commitment to our camera, specifically in 3 areas.”

  • Creating a great and burdenless user experience at the very fundamental level.
  • Continuing to focus on improving color performance together with Hasselblad, the industry-leader in color, as well as with customized sensor and lenses.
  • Investing in the research and development of a range of new and improved technologies that will take the camera experience to new heights for our users.

Unified Global OS and Oxygen OS 12

OnePlus Unified and Upgraded operating systems merging ColorOS and OxyGenOS

One of the key announcements in the blog post is the merger of OnePlus’ OxygenOS and Oppo’s ColorOS. The company wants to create a brand new “Unified Global Operating System” that combines the best of OxygenOS and ColorOS into a single platform. The company claims that it would result in a more reliable software, provide Android updates much faster, lighten the load and provide a fast and smooth experience to both new and existing users.

The company also promised that it would continue to tweak the operating system to ensure that OnePlus users receive the experience they have signed up for, a lightweight and clean experience, and the ability to unlock bootloaders.

“OnePlus has a unique group of users, therefore we will customize the unified OS specifically for OnePlus devices to make sure it meets your expectations, for example by keeping it as clean and lightweight as before, and continuing to support unlock bootloaders.”

The integration is set to be fully complete by the next major Android update in 2022, so there is still a little bit of time remaining until we see everything in action. The company will share when specific devices will receive the new unified OS at a later date.

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