Most Popular Products of 2021: Reader Recommended Products

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  • 2021 had a tough act to follow, but there was no shortage of events that determined what we bought.
  • Along the way, we found and recommended the best products and services to help see you through.
  • Here are the 31 products that were the most popular with our readers this year. 

While we’d all hoped that the pandemic would history by now, it continued to dictate many of the products and services we considered and recommended, and moreover, the ones you bought throughout 2021.

And as we all spent more time indoors self-isolating, new hobbies continued to crop up for many. From bread baking to taking online academic courses, people got creative when it came to entertainment. Of course, we also stuck to some classic solutions like


our favorite shows and listening to podcasts.

Through all the twists and turns 2021 brought, our Insider Reviews team strove to bring readers timely and helpful information. Whether it was finding the best deals on AirPods, reviewing face masks, or building a comprehensive guide to the best thermometers based on expert advice, we helped our readers navigate these challenging times.  

From cockroach traps to umbrellas and steaming devices to dog collars, these are the products that you bought most, and to some degree the ones that defined 2021 AD.

Here are the most popular products of 2021:

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