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Leaf Mobile has revealed a new free-to-play mobile title inspired by the US version of NBC’s workplace comedy, The Office.

The new game, The Office: Somehow We Manage, is the result of a collaboration between Leaf Mobile and Universal Games and Digital Platforms and will allow fans to play through iconic moments from the series.

Players will help regional manager Michael Scott keep the Scranton Dunder Mifflin branch afloat through selling paper and upgrading characters to avoid downsizing.

In-game events will introduce new versions of characters and additional memorable moments from the series. Furthermore, the game will feature weekly and monthly events inspired by the show.

The Office: Somehow We Manage is scheduled for worldwide release later this year.

“Dunder Mifflin Diehards”

“The opportunity to bring the five-time Primetime Emmy award-winning TV comedy series The Office to mobile in our trademark idle-game style is an honour for us here at LEAF,” said Leaf CEO Darcy Taylor.

“We’re looking forward to sharing this new experience with everyone from new audiences to Dunder Mifflin diehards.”

“The Office continues to bring joy to new and longtime superfans, and the upcoming launch of The Office: Somehow We Manage demonstrates our commitment to offering new and authentic ways to engage with one of the most celebrated TV comedies of all time,” said Universal Games and Digital Platforms vice president of production Jim Molinets.

“The game is reflective of the show’s signature humour, quirky characters and memorable storylines, and will deliver an exciting interactive experience for players to enjoy for a long time to come.”

Earlier this year, Leaf Mobile announced that it will begin experimenting with NFTs through giveaways in titles such as Trailer Park Boys Grea$y Money.

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