Jason Momoa Talks Game of Thrones Ending While Filming Dune

Jason Momoa’s ready to avenge his Khaleesi, albeit in an entirely different universe.
Gif: Warner Bros.

Happy hump day. Sometimes you just wanna get through the week by watching a Large Man prepare to beat up a whole room of Other Large Men… for the magic of cinema, of course.

The Large Man this time around is Dune’s Jason Momoa, who shared a new behind-the-scenes video today about his role as loyal soldier of House Atreides, Duncan Idaho, in the upcoming Denis Villeneuve movie. It’s short, but sweet, focusing less on Idaho’s character and more on how Momoa prepared for the character’s major fight sequences in the film—where Duncan single-handedly goes up against swaths of men, carving a path through their shields and armor with his twin daggers.

It’s all cool to see, both Momoa’s training and then the little snippets of filming the actual fights we get to see as well. But perhaps the cutest aside is that, just as Momoa prepares to go in for filming on one of his big fight scenes in the first movie—battling the forces of House Harkonnen hand to hand in a scene glimpsed throughout the trailers—Momoa casually dates the footage, by saying that he’d just watched the Game of Thrones series finale the night before. We’re not left to wonder what exactly the former Khal thought of the series’ end, but he does offer an inkling that he was perhaps not too pleased that Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen didn’t avoid Momoa’s own grim Thrones fate in the end—going into filming the battle with a simple “This one’s for you, Khaleesi!”

Ever the Khal, whether it’s on the dunes of Essos or Arrakis. You’ll be able to see Momoa in action and plenty more beyond that when Dune hits theaters and HBO Max next month, on October 22.

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