Indies’ Lies, the Slay the Spire-Inspired Deck Builder is Out Now

We told you about Indies’ Lies last week. Do you remember? It wasn’t that long ago, jeez. Anyway, the deck-building strategy battler with more than a sprinkling of Slay the Spire in its DNA has just landed on the Play Store.

The game adds a few twists to the Spire formula, some of them good, some of them middling, some of them a free to play monetization system that’s not too icky but still a bit icky.

In terms of mechanical shake-ups, the game lets you add new characters to your party. They bring their own cards to the mix, and give you more energy to play around with.

There are some other interesting additions too, like runes that change the way some cards play, and a randomly generated skill-tree progression system that lets you add boosts and buffs to your characters.

Indies’ Lies is one that we reckon you should probably check out. It’s not as fresh or deep as Slay the Spire, but it adds enough to be more than a simple clone.

It’s free to play with IAPs and you can click here to download it from the Play Store right this second.

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