IKEA’s new $40 ‘Sjömärke’ turns your table into a wireless charger

Wireless charging has been a thing for quite some time now, and so has furniture that supports it. However, not all of us have such furniture or have the means or desire to get it.

In comes IKEA’s new wireless charging pad that can be mounted under surfaces to transform the area above into an “invisible” wireless charging hotspot.

In the product’s manual, IKEA describes the Sjömärke as ‘perfect to mount on a desk, side table or bedside table when you want chargers and cables to blend into the decor to keep the room neat and tidy.’

The Sjömärke measures in at seven by three inches and supports 5W charging, as well as the latest Qi 1.2.4 standard. That is not much, but it will definitely do the job. It also has an LED that indicates the charging status and sensors for monitoring power and temperature.

The temperature monitoring is especially crucial since the charger will be tightly mounted to either wood or plastic, which are the two materials IKEA says it will be able to charge through.In addition, the recommended thickness for the surface is between 8mm and 22.2mm. You can either mount it with the double-sided tape that comes in the package or with 18mm x 6mm screws, which have to be bought additionally. Inside the box, you will also find a six-foot power cable and stickers for marking the charging spot.

IKEA has confirmed to The Verge that the Sjömärke will be available sometime in October for $39.99 in retail stores and online. It will be arriving in the US and other countries.

Admittedly, this is not the first device of this kind, but the price is appealing for those who wanted such a product but couldn’t get one.

It will also be interesting to see how much power the Sjömärke draws, having in mind the vastly heftier consumption conventional wireless chargers have compared to normal wired ones.

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