Ikea Sjömärke to offer invisible wireless charging for iPhone

The upcoming Ikea Sjömärke could be an attractive wireless iPhone charger for the minimalists among us. It’s designed to keep the charging pad invisible by placing it beneath a desk or table.

It’s very attractively priced too, at just $40 …

The Sjömärke is already shown on Ikea’s website, but is listed as currently unavailable.

Do a magic trick and charge your phone directly on the tabletop or shelf. The secret is this wireless charger mounted hidden on the furniture – easy charging with technology that blends into your decor!

With SJÖMÄRKE wireless charger your technology becomes invisible, since you mount the charger hidden – for example under a tabletop or shelf. Works through all materials except metal.

Perfect to mount on a desk, side table or bedside table when you want chargers and cables to blend into the decor to keep the room neat and tidy.

The charger makes it easy to charge your phone without having to look for sockets and keep track of cables – just place the phone on the tabletop or shelf exactly above the charger. It comes with a 6 ft long cable, double-sided adhesive tape for easy mounting and stickers to mark where on the topside to place your phone.

Works optimally through all materials that are ⅜ – ⅞” thick, except metal. We recommend mounting with the included double-sided adhesive tape. Can also be mounted with screws or other hardware (not included).Different materials require different types of hardware. If you choose to mount the charger with screws, ask your local hardware store for advice.

Carefully mark where you place the charger to ensure that you place the phone exactly above it.

Includes: 1 wireless charger, 1 power supply unit (length 70⅞”), 4 strips of double-sided adhesive tape and 2 marker stickers.The charger is intended for indirect charging, for example through a tabletop or a shelf. The phone should not be placed directly in contact with the charger.

The catch is that the maximum thickness of the material is 22mm/0.87 inches. That’s fine for many tables, but not for many premium desks or kitchen worktops, which are often significantly thicker.

The Verge reports that it will be available from sometime in October.

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