Get Lucky Hints, Tips and Cheats – Find Love With This Strategy Guide

Get Lucky is a game about finding love. Sort of. It’s more a game about neatly packing up your clothes and jumping into a swimming pool. Maybe that’s what constitutes love nowadays, who knows?

Whatever the case, if you want to get really good at the game you’re going to need some help. Which is why we’ve written this guide. It’s made up of all of the hints, tips and tricks we’ve unearthed during our time playing Get Lucky. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to pool-based love or you’ve already taken a dip, if you follow these strategies you’re going to start doing even better. So here we go – these are the best hints, tips and cheats for Get Lucky. 

Get the hangers

The most important part of the game is collecting the hangers. These will up your confidence and slowly take your clothes off. You should make grabbing the hangers your main goal – if you see any that you can pick up, then go for it. 

Use the correct curtains

When there are changing room curtains, you want to make sure you go through the green one. This will up your heat meter, which is basically the aim of the game. They don’t crop up on every level, but when they do they’re a really good way to boost your score if you ensure you’re going through the correct one.

Catch the boys

When you see a man on the track, you should try and bump into him. This’ll give you a big boost and set you in good stead to get a massive score. By the same token, you should avoid other women, whether they’re young or old. Wow, this game is sending out some horrible messages.

Don’t worry about the coins

While there’s nothing to stop you from picking up the coins that litter the levels, you shouldn’t make a habit of putting yourself in danger, or missing other more important pick-ups, to do it. If there are coins in your path then go get them, but don’t try and make any big moves to get more distant nuggets.

No clothes in the pool

You can’t wear clothes in the pool, which means you have to have reached close to the top of your hotness meter if you want to jump in. That means picking up as many hangers as you possibly can. If you get to the end while still wearing clothes, you’ll still complete the level. 

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