Get a Galaxy flagship deal from Samsung’s Renewed program!

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Get a Galaxy flagship deal from Samsung's Renewed program!

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When it’s time to get yourself a new shiny phone, it’s always a bit tough to stomach the hefty price-tag of a premium device. The best Samsung phones may be worth to get, but they are still a bit pricey. That’s why a lot of people choose to go to the 2nd hand market or refurbished retailers. But then, you always run the risk of getting a phone that’s not up to par — either it’s badly scuffed, there’s some internal damage, or the battery is long below optimum health.

In comes Samsung’s Certified Renewed program — after all, if you are getting refurbished, best go to the manufacturer who actually knows how the phones tick, right?

What does Samsung Certified Renewed mean?

Basically, these are pre-owned phones that have been returned to Samsung — most probably with the trade-in program for a newer device. The manufacturer then inspects them, cleans them, replaces any parts that may need replacing or fixing, and gets them back to a shiny new condition.

Do Samsung Certified Renewed phones have new batteries?

Absolutely! Samsung wants you to have the best Galaxy experience you can, and battery life is a huge part of that. The manufacturer makes sure that every Galaxy phone sold through the CRN program comes out with a fresh new battery, so you can enjoy as-new performance!

Are certified renewed Samsung Galaxy phones good?

Samsung guarantees that every Galaxy phone sold by the CRN program meets the following criteria:

  • Like-new condition
  • Full 1-year warranty
  • Brand new battery
  • A new IMEI number, just in case
  • 132 points of inspection for assured functionality

Of course, the reason you’d be looking for a renewed phone is that you are looking for a sweet deal. And this is where the Samsung store keeps delivering — the Samsung trade-in program is also available when you are buying phones from the Renewed program. This means that you can turn in your old device — even if it has a cracked screen — and score an additional discount. Without having to worry about selling that old phone by yourself — Samsung takes it in and slashes the price off of your next purchase.

Not enough? Well how about a free pair of earbuds with your purchase?
Buy any Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or Galaxy S20 model from the CRN program instead and you will get a free set of the brand-new Galaxy Buds 2!

We picked out some offers for you above, but if you want to browse the full CRN portfolio, visit Samsung’s store below!

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