Gallery: Travel photographer Austin Mann shows off stunning iPhone 13 Pro camera results

Each fall, travel photographer Austin Mann shares a highly detailed and technical look at the latest iPhone camera advancements. This time around, Mann has put the iPhone 13 Pro through its paces at Ruaha National Park in Tanzania.

Mann shared the amazing images and video he captured with the iPhone 13 Pro in his in-depth camera review this morning:

We’ve spent the last week in southern Tanzania, exploring this vast natural habitat and capturing all its beauty with iPhone 13 Pro camera. As I watched Apple’s keynote about this year’s iPhone release, I was most excited about the new macro capability, increased telephoto zoom and Cinematic Mode.

Boarding my flight, I reminded myself the answers I’m looking for: How will this new tech make
our pictures and videos better?

Mann covered pretty much everything you could imagine when it comes to testing the iPhone 13 Pro camera system including the new macro feature, new ultra wide lens, Cinematic mode, 3x telephoto, Photographic styles, and much more.

Check out the stunning 10-minute video from the review on Mann’s website. For all the fine details make sure to check out the full review and Mann is also doing an AMA on Instagram Stories soon, so give him a follow on that platform for more.

And here are some of the incredible shots:

While Mann has plenty of praise for what Apple’s been able to do with the iPhone 13 Pro camera system, he also shared three specific ways to improve things:

1) Better wind screening for iPhone’s internal microphone. Taylor shot all of the motion content with iPhone 13 Pro + on-camera audio. The internal microphone is impressive and has a beautiful tonality in most cases but it still really struggles, even with a slight breeze.

2) I wish I could turn off digital zoom altogether. I’d like it if I could choose between my “prime” lens perspectives of 13mm, 26mm and 77mm and nothing in between. Sometimes when I’m switching between lenses I accidentally get stuck in between and I’ve never found the quality of digital zoom usable. For this same reason, if I had the option I would also choose to turn off the lowlight digital zoom that happens with the 3x telephoto.

3) I wish the Night mode UI allowed you to manually set exposure your exposure length and then move on. Often times it will say 30 seconds and then switch right before I hit the shutter button.

Again, check out the full review for even more like photographer advice for those going on a Safari, iPhone 13 buying advice, using Focus mode in iOS 15, and more.

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