Free Fire Max, the Upgraded Battle Royale Shooter, is Out Now

Free Fire Max is a new, standalone version of one of the most popular mobile games in history. It features everything the original game had to offer, and loads more, and it’s out right now for Android.

The game features upgraded HD graphics, smoother gameplay and enhanced special effects. So, in a way, you’re getting a lot more bang for your no-buck. This is the battle royale game you all know and might love, but with an extra coat of polish.

You can bring your Free Fire character over to the new game and continue where you left off, and both games are compatible with one another, so you can still play with friends using the original.

The big new addition alongside the shinier graphics comes in the shape of Craftland. This is a new mode that lets you create your own maps, dropping scenery and building your own little corner of the violent world.

There’s also a shiny new lobby that lets you show off all the things you’ve collected. Because what’s the point of collecting things if you can’t show them off, right?

Garena Free Fire Max is available to download from the Play Store right now. You can click here to pick it up for free. There have been some reports that the servers aren’t live yet, so keep an eye out for that.

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