Doctor Who Flux Spoiler Chat: “War of the Sontarans”

Into the valley of death, rode the… angry potato.
Photo: BBC

We’ve not had Sontarans on Doctor Who for a little while, and even when we did, they were more of the comedy variety in the form of Strax rather than the menacing little ankle-biters-with-laser-guns they were when re-introduced with “The Sontaran Stratagem” and “The Poison Sky” over a decade ago. Now they’re back in action, let’s have a chat about all things for the glory of Sontar!

The sophomore episode of Doctor Who: Flux, aptly titled “War of the Sontarans,” dragged the Doctor, Yaz, and their unfortunate new best friend Dan from the end of the world and to the fronts of the Crimean War, as the armies of 19th-century humanity found themselves up against the technological might of the Sontaran Empire. Time’s been less kind to Who’s new take on the Sontarans from a visual standpoint—gone is the blue-toned army of their previous NuWho debut, replaced with a more classic-inspired silver and grey. And now, well… they do look wonderfully ugly instead of so pristine, don’t they? It really is harkening back to some of the Sontaran’s past aesthetics.

Let us know what you thought of “War of the Sontarans” in the comments below—and stay tuned for our regular Doctor Who recap tomorrow. 

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