Coal Mining Inc Strategy Guide – Get in the Black With These Hints, Tips and Cheats

Coal Mining Inc is an idle simulator that sees you building a coal-mining empire. You’re digging it out of the ground, processing it and then selling it on. It’s pretty simple mechanically, but there are several ways you can get an edge and increase your profits quickly. 

And you’re going to discover those ways in this guide. We’ve played a decent amount of the game and discovered the strategies you need to make sure your coal company is running like clockwork. 

Whether you’ve just found your first lump or you’ve been pulling coal out of the ground for a while, you’re going to find something here to help you out. These are the best hints, tips and cheats for Coal Mining Inc.

Complete the challenges

In the bottom left hand of the screen you’ll see a clipboard. This clipboard contains the challenges you’re currently trying to finish. Check what they are regularly, and aim to finish them off as quickly as you can. You’ll get gems for completing them, and they’ll push your business in the right direction as well.

Collect your cash

Don’t forget to collect the cash that accrues in the little building next to the train. It piles up in there pretty quickly, so make sure you’re always tapping on it to add to your coffers. You should take any chance you’re offered to get more money, because that’s basically what capitalism is. 

Fill the orders

Tap the train button to see what orders are coming in. You should always accept them and get them filled as quickly as you can. You’ll get bonuses for doing it, adding gems to your bank account as well as cash. 

Upgrade whenever you can

Whenever the arrow over an object is blue, that means you can upgrade that object. Spend your cash on speeding up and strengthening your operations and you’re going to have a monopoly on the coal industry in no time flat. Remember, you should only do that in-game, though. Coal is killing the planet.

Use your gems on chests

When you’ve got enough gems to unlock a chest, you should spend them. The chests don’t just contain cash, they’ll get you new managers as well. Managers speed up your operations, and you’ll often need them to complete the challenges. 60 gems gets you a medium chest – aim to get as many as you can. 

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