Buying an iPhone 13 in some countries requires more than 3 months of work

The iPhone 13 lineup is finally here, and it comes at the same prices as last generation depending on where you are. As reported last week, iPhone 13 prices can go up to almost $3000 in some countries. Now a new Money SuperMarket research shows how many hours (or months) people need to work to buy the brand new iPhone 13 in different regions around the world.

Instead of just considering the full price of the devices in each country, the research is based on how long someone needs to work to afford an iPhone 13 (the 128GB version). This is because while some countries may have less expensive iPhone than others, the minimum wage may also be lower, which makes it harder for people to buy it there.

Similar to what a recent Nukeni report revealed, Money SuperMarket points out that Brazil is definitely the country with the most expensive iPhone 13. There (or I should say here), an iPhone 13 128GB costs around $1449. Someone earning a minimum wage in Brazil needs to work 86 days to buy a new iPhone.

However, Brazil is not the country where the iPhone 13 is least affordable with a minimum wage. While the same model costs $1,025 in the Philippines, people there need to work 97 days to buy it.

Hong Kong has the cheapest iPhone 13 128GB priced at $874, and those living there on a local minimum wage can get a new iPhone with 7 days of work. But the country that tops the list of most affordable iPhone 13 is Switzerland, where people need to work less than 7 days to buy an iPhone 13 with the local minimum wage.

The research firm notes that all calculations assume a typical 8-hour workday and that iPhone prices were collected from Appleā€™s website in each country. For countries such as the U.S. and Canada, the research calculated an average tax by state and province to define the price.

Of course, the price of iPhone and other products vary in each country depending on local taxes, currency fluctuation against the dollar, and other local issues.

iPhone 13 will be officially available in the U.S. and 30 other countries starting Friday, September 24. Apple says the new phones will be released in more than 15 other countries in October.

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