Best Flannel Sheets in 2021

The best flannel sheets overall

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L.L.Bean’s Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheets are soft, cozy, and not so heavy as to be stifling. Importantly, they retain their feel and color after many washes, so you can sleep with them for many winters to come.

Pros: Comfortable and velvety feel, not too heavy, doesn’t pill or color-fade over time, comes in many colors and patterns 

Cons: May not be warm enough for extreme cold, pillowcases are open-ended and can slip around

L.L.Bean excels at flannel goods of all kinds, from shirts to lined sleeping bags. Its sheets are another flannel product you need to buy if you aim to stay warm and cozy on cold nights. 

While thicker than percale or sateen sheets, they’re not overly thick — instead, they provide just enough weight and warmth to keep you comfortable without overheating. 

 The brand even claims you can use them year-round. I tested this set near the end of summer, and I believe it. I usually prefer lightweight and crisp percale sheets, but these flannel sheets were surprisingly comfy and breathable.

I’m looking forward to testing them when it’s actually frigid outside.  

Like most flannel sheets, L.L.Bean’s shed a lot of lint in the dryer. The amount decreases significantly with each subsequent wash and dry. Notably, the sheets don’t pill and instead stay velvety smooth. Color loss is common when washing any type of sheet, but so far my sage sheets have kept their lovely green hue. 

Lastly, L.L.Bean offers the best variety of colors and patterns to suit your style. In addition to versatile solid colors, it makes checkered, striped, and floral versions of the flannel sheets.

$119.00 from L.L. Bean

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