Amazon Appstore published on Microsoft Store, but you can’t use it yet

Back in June, Microsoft officially announced the next generation of Windows, called Windows 11. Back then, Microsoft introduced Android applications that would run natively on the new Windows operating system. Today, the Amazon Appstore preview version was published on the Microsoft Store, but there’s a catch.

The application currently states “Amazon Confidential – For testing purposes”, and it’s not meant to be used or be accessible by the public, not even on the developer preview builds (via XDA-Developers). As it stands right now, you need to redeem a code to gain access to the application and the potential to unlock any functionality.

If you’re interested in how all of this will work, here’s a quick rundown. Android applications will use the Windows Subsystem for Android in order to work on Windows 11. You will be able to install any Android APKs, but keep in mind that this will likely be limited to the Amazon Appstore and Microsoft Store integration system. Once an app is downloaded, you will be redirected to the Amazon Appstore, where you’ll be able to get the application. It remains to be seen how this integration will work out at the end, and we have no in-depth explanation on how exactly all of this will work in practice just yet. We’ll have to wait a few more months until we can get our hands on the feature or find out more.

Today’s news is just proof that Microsoft and Amazon are hard at work to get the functionality ready for public beta testing, but as we reported earlier, the Android app compatibility will not arrive on day 1 when Windows 11 officially launches later this year, along with a number of other features. We have also written a more in-depth article about Android apps on Windows 11, in case you’re interested.

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