5 Best Christmas Tree Stands in 2021

Best Christmas tree stand overall


The German-engineered Krinner Tree Genie Christmas Tree Stand is easy to set up in a couple of minutes and keeps trees up to 12 feet tall secure.

Pros: Quick and easy setup, excellent customer support, stable base, 2.5-gallon reservoir (for the XXL)

Cons: The base may crack and leak

What sets the Krinner Tree Genie apart from other Christmas tree stands is the five-claw design that holds the tree’s trunk in place. The claws are connected by a single cable that allows them to apply equal pressure around the trunk, whether it is thin, crooked, or thick.

To secure the trunk, put the tree in the base and tighten the cable using the foot pedal ratchet. The foot pedal stays in place, thanks to a security lock that prevents the unintentional opening of the cable.

The Tree Genie XXL stand has a 20-inch diameter and is made of a plastic resin. It weighs approximately 18 pounds without water. The base holds 2.5 gallons and features a water level indicator that tells you when to refill the water. The Tree Genie L has an 18-inch diameter, weighs 13 pounds, holds a gallon of water, and accommodates trees up to 8 feet tall.

This one-of-a-kind design is versatile, secure, and easy to set up. 

One known issue, however, is occasional small cracks at the bottom of the stand. However, Krinner does an excellent job of troubleshooting problems and often replaces damaged items, though the company does not have a clearly stated warranty.

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